Tom Collier - Alone In The Studio


On March 17th, the first of three Tom Collier recording projects funded by a University of Washington Royalty Research Grant was released to the world on Seattle's award-winning jazz label, Origin Records. The title of the album, Alone In The Studio, is self-explanatory as Tom plays all of the instruments heard on the album including vibraphone, marimba, piano, drums and synthesizer bass. Recorded in his Seattle home studio, the music was realized through the process of overdubbing, a recording technique dating back to the late 1940's experimental recordings by guitar legend Les Paul. The overdubbing process was refined during the 1960's by such musical innovators as Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and The Beatles so it's not surprising that Tom's medley arrangement of God Only Knows (Wilson) and Here, There, And Everywhere (Lennon-McCartney) was included on the new album. Be sure to check out the press/reviews page to see new reviews of the recording. The album is available at most record stores (yes, they still exist) as well as on-line at Amazon or Itunes for downloading. Check back for more news on two future RRF recordings featuring such notable artists as Bill Frisell, Larry Coryell, Cuong Vu, Richard Karpen, Ted Poor, Stuart Dempster, William O. Smith, John Bishop and Dan Dean (who is co-producing these projects).